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I help people using my capability and experience to navigate across a range of commercial, financial, governance and public policy issues. I undertake quality governance and advisory roles, including as a non-executive director, independent advisor, expert witness, audit committee member, and expert reviewer.

I bring to the table:

  • Diversity: I have a wide range of experience that enables me to bring different perspectives on issues: governance under stress, due diligence for major commercial transactions, divestments, international representation, governance design, and public policy. My research degree enables me to combine academic rigour with commercial reality.
  • Financial acumen & technical competence: I am a Fellow Chartered Accountant and I have a PhD in finance and accounting. My career spans issues of finance, economics, law and accounting, including various leadership and advisory roles in The Treasury (including a stint on the Senior Leadership Team), with an original grounding in private sector auditing and financial consulting. I am also a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.
  • Crown relationships: I am very familiar with the relationship between the Government and Crown entities, and with the interaction between the private sector and the Crown, having led or advised on a wide range of public sector governance, financial management, monitoring, regulatory and commercial issues.
  • Trust & probity: I am routinely engaged and trusted on commercially and politically sensitive issues.  Involvement in the professional disciplinary processes of chartered accountants and of medical practitioners, along with leading on a range of Crown commercial issues in The Treasury (with a focus on commercial entities under stress or undergoing change) have given me a strong appreciation of the importance of trust and probity in the governance of firms.

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